April Again (B/I)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13095)

32 Count self-reversing combos




As always email with ?'s, thank you all I have stolen from.
Step safely,

*Mambo-knee: (right) mambo step (1,2) mambo over step (3,4) step (5) knee (6) step home (7,8)

**Turning L-step: like a regular L-step, on counts 5,6 you do a pivot (turn) off the step, step home 7,8

***Knee straddle pop: step (1), knee (2), straddle down (3,4), step (5), knee up and swing it up, over the step and behind you pivoting slightly on the step (6) step down home (7,8)

****Repeater Knee L-step: like a repeater knee but instead of stepping back home on counts 7,8 finish to the side of the step

*****Side leg freeze: Hop up on to step with leg extended out to side (1,2) step down (3,4). Repeat other lead. 8 counts

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