Move that knee!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 13103)

This is one of my favorite combos:

Start with right foot forward stance:

Combo will be broken down into three sections:

Section #1:

Break it down to:

Now break it down to one set of each! You are going to move the knee each time like this:

It is a quarter turn pivot for each knee, back and forth. Once they have that moving knee can be accompanied by a little extra jump on the pivot, but they don't have to.

Ok now that they have got that add on:

(total of 8 counts) I usually make them go through this 8 times

Then I go back to the

(do 4 sets)

Then I do another 4 sets of the jab forward, knee, back kick, jump back

Then I yell, you guys ready to put it together?

Do one set of each!

Cueing this can be tricky if you don't properly break it down, because once they have a section down you don't have to cue the whole thing. At the very end my cueing sounds like this:
jab/cross (and they run though the whole jab/cross knee/ cross/punch knee)
Then on that last knee I yell ok jab it up and I count it: ONE, TWO, Three, KNEE, KICK, (and instead of cueing the jump back, because they already will remember to do it, as we jump back I cue what is coming up next JAB/CROSS!)

Email me with questions,
Jen :)

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