Pilates on the BALL!

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Hello everyone! I thought that I would contribute my knowledge, since I have sure taken advantage of everyone else's! I am a certified Pilates instructor, and work in a studio in North Tampa. My classes love getting their butts kicked on the ball, so here are some of their favorites:

Lay on your belly on the ball, with the ball at about your hips and hands on the floor. Engage your abdominals and relax your shoulders to protect your back. Squeeze your legs together, and lift up and down from the glutes keeping your legs straight (YOU SHOULD NOT FEEL THIS IN YOUR LOWER BACK) about 10X. Inhale as the thighs lift off of the ball. NEXT... Bend your knees and put your heels together so you have frog legs <>. Squeeze your heels together as hard as you can and lift your thighs off of the ball, keeping your knees still. Do about 10. It will make your butt burn!

Another one is called Footwork With the Ball. Put the ball against the wall and lean against it with your back (like you are doing wall squats). Bend your knees, keeping your back and pelvis on the ball (keeping good posture with help from the ABS). Make sure that your knees are well behind your toes! Pause at the bottom and lift your heels. Put them down and stand up. Now go down again and lift your heels up twice... the next time 3 times...the next time 4 times, and finally 5 times. Wow, what a quad killer!

Hope you enjoyed it! Love from Florida, Karen

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From: Dunedin, Florida (USA)
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