Group Fighting with Gloves and Pads

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To me the best part of class is beating each other up (with pads of course). Would love to hear of more fun ideas and combinations to use with gloves and mitts and kick pads.

5 Person Combo

Have 4 people stand in a half circle around 1 person with gloves on. The 2 people on the ends of the half circle each hold a kick pad. The 2 people in the middle of the half circle each hold a blocking mitt on each hand.

The 2 kickpads should be lined up even with the butt of the person with the gloves on and in side kick reach.

The 2 people with the blocking pads should be spaced evenly between the kick pad people and in reach of the glove person. One set of blocking mitts will hold for either jabs or crosses. The other hold the mitts for uppercuts.

The glove person is going to work clockwise then back counterclockwise for a set of 15 or more.

Do one set easy and slow for proper positioning of everybody. The glove person needs to make sure everybody is close enough so that he/she doesn't have to move from her/his spot or overstretch to make contact with everyone.

Ready set go!

Keep repeating till they drop, then rotate everybody. Remind them to kick and hit hard so everybody is working with strong muscles the whole time.

This can also be cut down to 4 person with two kick pads and one set of blocking mitts in the center of them.

For a 3 person combo change to gloves standing in the middle. One set of mitts blocking in front of glove person. One kick pad person standing behind glove person for back kicks.


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