Lethal Leslie #17

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13418)

Sorry it has been a while. Been busy.

Warm Up

Mambo swivel (4) - can do a mambo cha cha to start with, right foot on floor just past left corner and right foot lifts at same time (1) (back is kind of to the step), left foot to floor in same spot & right foot lifts (2), right foot steps behind left foot wide on floor with back to east wall (3), on count 4 you turn your body to face the east wall pivoting on your toes

Combo #1

6 Point reverse & shuffle - it is a 6 point reverse turn and instead of marching the last 2 counts, you just shuffle to the right corner. Right foot to left corner, left foot to right corner (2), you are now facing the back, right foot to floor at right corner and left foot lifts at same time (3), left foot back on top and right foot lifts (4), right foot at left corner (5), left foot to floor at left corner slightly turning to face the front (6), shuffle to right corner 7 & 8.

L-step cha cha - just change the second knee to a cha cha cha, counts 3 & 4

Heel heel repeat 2 - right lead at left corner - right heel taps step (1), right foot to floor and left heel taps step at same time (2), right foot to step and left foot to floor (3), left knee up (4), left foot taps floor (5), left knee up (6), exit left right (7,8)

Combo #2

*Get up get down - it is just coming up and lunging for two. But before you do this you are facing the back and you have to get home. So, left foot to right corner (1), right foot up like the start of a reverse turn but you feet are not as wide (2), you should now be facing the front again, lunge 2 to home and exit home (3-8)

I will keep it short and sweet for now. I will try to post more another day.
Any questions or comments feel free to email me.

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