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All combos are 32 count, tapless, and self-reversing. You can keep this fairly simple, or more advanced. What makes it advanced is the off-count moves (i.e. 6 count, or 10 count) and the added impact (i.e. hops.) My classes liked it, and I hope yours do too.

Combo #1

(level 1--two regular tempo, alternating heel digs and a knee lift; level 2--4 quick tempo alternating heel digs and a knee lift.)

* Hop knee: like a weave, but with a knee lift--and a hop for the over the top--instead of a glute raise.

* Crabwalk: This move is from Rob Glick--over the top, mambo floor immediately (no tap down from the over the top) turn back to the bench--by marching on the floor--and repeat the move.

--I broke this down by having my class go over the top and mambo three times, turn back to the bench and march for an additional two counts. Then we would do the same leg facing the back of the room. The key is to not tap down from the over the top--just launch into the mambo as you exit the bench.

Combo #2

Combo #3

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