Boot Camp Baby (part 2)

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Here are a few more boot camp ideas for you to enjoy and your classes to hate!

Step Tag -- place 2 steps end to end so that the short ends are touching (making one long step). Members get a partner and play tag around the step. One person is It, the other get chased. Neither can go over the steps, just around and around in both directions. This is a great exercise to get those heartrates up and work on footwork, agility, speed, and reaction. When It catches his/her partner, they switch. I would do about 2 minutes total for this drill.

Volleyball Butt -- these are basically squat jumps, but I tell folks to pretend they are playing beach volleyball so they have to really squat and then explode up with their hands extended up. Great for the glutes! Make sure you remind them of good form, etc...

Skip To My Lou -- I teach in a gym, so I have a lot of space for this one. It may or may not work in your room. I have them skip across the gym (the long way, of course!), then skip backward on the way back. Then they jog across and do walking lunges back. 4 sets total. On the 3rd and 4th set, I make them skip with high knees and jog with their heels coming up to touch their butts to increase the intensity a little.

Plies -- when you want to slow it down a bit to give them a break, do plies instead of squats. So their legs are spread farther apart, toes pointed out toward the side walls, and they plie down. Play with the tempo and tell them to really emphasize squeezing the glutes on the way up. Then, alternate lifting one heel off the floor at a time. So it is plie down with left heel up, plie up with left heel down. Plie down with right heel up, plie up with right heel down. etc... THEN tell them to lift both heels off the floor and do 8 more plies! Great for balance. Tell them to contract their abs and use the abs and lower back for stabilization.

Figure 8 -- you can use cones or the pods from a step for this one. Set a cone/pod down on the floor, then walk 10 steps and set the other one down. Run figure 8s around both cones for about 1 minute. Harder than it sounds! (I stole this one from -- thanks!)

Hope these are useful! Please keep those boot camp ideas coming. They really help!

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