Banana Boat

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 13440)

Another abs idea, thanks by the way for all the emails (from all over the world!) I must be mental even to try to describe this set up, but here goes....

Sit on your noodle/woggle with it between legs. Now bring legs up and cross them over noodle holding it in place with top of feet. Lie back so the noodle is running along your spine from behind head along back and out through those crossed feet. Now push bottom down and bring shoulders and knees level, shoulders should be at the waterline. This is an aquatic version of the 'V'Sit position and should fire the abs even when stationary. When you are stable, move forward using arms breastroke, back using row arms, sideways is a real challenge- you have to keep those feet in front of you- serious stability/obliques work.

I call it the Banana Boat because it looks like you are paddling along on a giant (thin) banana and if your students imagine a bent banana shape it will help them get into the correct (bottom down) position to use stabilisers. Watch out for people lying completely flat and putting chins on chests claiming they cannot feel it, also sitting upright on the noodle and not finding the 'biting point' of the abs.

Smile like a dolphin,

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