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Are you looking for some fun things to try in your stability ball classes? We tried some of these at my class the other night and my ladies left saying what a fun time they had. Some of these activities I got out of a book and some from the DCAC conference in Reston, VA. Thanks to Cheri Groom for her great ideas.

1. You need to partner up and face each other with one ball between the two of you. Push against that ball trying to move your partner backward.

2.Again with a partner and facing each other, one person holds onto the ball while the other one tries to knock the ball out of their hands. You can hit the ball anywhere - on top, sides, bottom. Make it harder by having the person holding the ball close their eyes. They will not know where the ball will be hit.

3. Have your class lie on the floor in a big circle with your bodies vertically facing in but on your backs with your legs up in the air. Every other person has a ball. You will pass the ball to your neighbor using just your legs/feet. Go to the right for a while and then tell them to switch and pass the ball to the left. This is a lot of fun but you really have to concentrate on passing that ball without dropping it.

4.Seated on ball, everyone has a tennis ball. Place the tennis ball under one foot and hold the other foot securely on the floor. Then tell them to write their names with the ball. It is hard work.

5. Play soccer. Seated on ball in a big circle, kick a small ball to each other. Before you can kick the ball to someone else, you have to stop the ball with your foot. Later you can change the rules to using your hands to hit or toss the ball. You may spend some time chasing that ball when it escapes the circle. Lots of fun and laughs too.

If anyone else has some fun games/activities to do using the ball please post them for all to try.

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