Killer lateral-the "ALI"!!

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 13454)

Here is a class favorite that is a little twist on a straight left-to-right lateral.

Start with a left lead stance--shuffle 4x (counts 1-2-3-4) in a half-circle (ending with a right lead stance) then jab-cross-jab-cross in place on counts 5-6-7-8. Shuffle back in the half-circle (finish in left lead stance) and jab-cross-jab-cross in place on counts 5-6-7-8. As we are doing the half-circle shuffles, I will tell them "move it fast, you cannot hit what you cannot catch!"

Adding on (optional)...throw in a speedbag on counts 1-2-3-4 while you are moving in the half-circle. Jab-cross-jab-cross on counts 5-6-7-8.

Adding on...half-circle shuffle counts 1-2-3-4, jab-cross on 5-6, then scissor jack (ski) moving feet front-to-back on counts 7-8.

Adding on (for fun)....on the scissor jack raise both fists straight up overhead and everyone yells "ALI!" on counts 7-8. Next time through I will yell "floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee" on counts 1-4, "WHAT'S HIS NAME?" on 5-6, (everybody) "ALI!" on 7-8

Have fun! ;-)


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From: Elmhurst, Illinois (USA)
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