Step up

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 13472)

Right lead, horizontal, self-reversing.


Repeat with left lead

*In lieu of the walk around the small end, my class likes to "step-touch" around. Step out with left, step touch with right (turning in to face the step), then step out with right and step touch with left. Left lead is ready to go.


Repeat with left lead

**Repeat and shoot = repeater variation.
Right foot on bench (1), left knee lift (2), left touches floor (3), left knee lift (4) left touches floor (5), left foot on bench as right knee pops up (6), right exit (7) left exit (8)


Repeat with left lead


***I like to make the L-step with a rock-step and pendulum.
Right foot on bench (1), left knee lift (2), exit left to floor as in the first step of a rock-step (right foot lifts) (3), right foot on bench to finish the rock step (left foot lifts) (4), left/right pendulum on bench (5-6), left foot exits (7), right foot exits (8)

Repeat 2/ left lead

The rock/pendulum L and 3 point turn have similar rhythms and seem to fit well.

Have fun.

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