Kauai - Rep Reebok from IDEA 2003

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13490)

Hi Everyone - I took off the month of July due to feeling overwhelmed and burnt out and recommend that you do the same if you feel that way - even if it is just for a day - the combination of that time off and getting re-energized with the latest fitness info @ the IDEA convention in Anaheim allowed me to return refreshed and recommitted. There's lots to share from the convention but I'll start with the Rep Reebok which, to me, really marks a return to simplicity that is very appealing.

Rep Reebok can be purchased as a program with music/DVD and choreography either through Reebok Alliance or through www.homeworkout.com.

The basic principle is choosing the body parts you want to focus on and what your intention is i.e. eccentric or concentric contractions, strength or endurance and making your plan from there. I've been using the body bar mostly with this program since that is how it was taught at the convention and I'm noticing the older I and my students get (40's, 50's and upwards) that the exertube can provide too much resistance and can easily damage the shoulder area. It's also very refreshing to just use one tool.

I'll give you one of the formulas for repetitions and then list the exercises which are very basic:

Legs: you do 4 sets - 3 and 1 x 4; 2 and 2 x 4, singles x 16 and then hold the contraction for 16 counts (so for a squat you would stay down low) - from that you do the same and go into the next 3 sets of course you choose the tempo you want for that day but if you stick with a similar formula for all the muscles it's a no brainer for you and the students and workout is phenomenal. Upper body: 3 sets choose your counts and hold the last set - choice on the hold is always to rest if you feel the need.


And that's it. If you like to teach effective body conditioning I recommend you give this a try.

Aloha to my special turnstep friends,

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