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Self-reversing 32 count

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* Lunge 1x Exit Jack - assume right lead facing right on short end go up lunge 1x to back of room (counts 1-4) exit to front of room (counts 5-6) then jack (counts 7-8)

** Hop Scotch - assume right lead on north of bench step up right left leg comes up (1-2) to tap to south side of bench (behind body) left leg up (3-4) to tap on north side of bench left leg up (5-6) again ready to exit on south side left right (7-8) (a tapless repeater?)

***Ham Curl Over Bench and Back - assume right lead - ham curl over bench without touching should be facing right (1-4) ham curl back over to home position (4-8)

****PushTurn - assume right lead 1/2 turnstep (1-2) leave left on bench lift right knee (3-4) exit right left (5-6) while at same time backing it around the bench (7-8)

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From: Medway, Massachusetts (USA)
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