Get 'em Grounded and Watch 'em Work

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Hey All!! Teaching a variety of Aqua classes from Deep Interval to Power Dance Aquabics, the grounded technique (no rebound) works best for the diverse population I teach. The base moves are simple, it's just how you piece stuff together, and add degrees of difficulty. The basics are:

Squat: Feet hip distance apart, squatting down while pulling arms to near surface, return to standing and pulling arms back to theigh. This move has many variations: wide leg squat, squat with added lift (knee lift or front, back or side extension), side knee or full leg circle. All variations are performed on the return to standing.

Lunge: Stepping to the front or back, transferring body weight accordingly.

Drag (or slide) Jack: Just like it sounds....legs "drag" open staying connected to the pool floor, and drag back in, rather than the traditional rebound jack. Variation and difficulty are added with techniques like suspension.

Plie: Wide leg position with toes turned out, knees tracking out. Bend knees deeply and squeeze glutes tight on return. Arms may pull down together or swing forward.

There are also wide lateral travel steps, side lunges and other transitional moves. Here are a couple of patterns that you can string together to do a whole cardio class, or just use one pattern and insert it into the middle of a rebounding routine! They are all 32 count, aqua tempo or 1/2 time, that is.



Now you can add travel to this pattern: travel forward with the knees, stay in place with the front extension, travel back with the side extension, stay in place with the rear extension


Repeat the pattern left lead


Repeat the pattern left lead travelling back to start via front diagonal, then in the center facing front again:


Repeat IV 2 times, then: Begin from III, turning left shoulder to diagonal back corner

*Leg drops back into lunge and swings forward to knee lift (2 counts). Repeat this 3 times, and on counts 7,8 lunge and then stand to switch to left lead (lunge, knee, lunge, knee, lunge, knee, lunge, switch.)

**Same as a side lunge but rather than keeping extending leg on the floor, push it out to the side and lift it as arms extend together to the opposite side. Think Superman winding up for takeoff!

***Legs drag together on third jack, and then pull out to the sides off the floor, and tuck under the body maintaining the suspension.

****Cue to hold abs tight and maintain spinal alignment while working NOT to lay back in the water...they will really have to engage the core.

WHEW!! It's always wordy when I write these out...but it's such great stuff, I had to share! One pointer on music, a good "learning curve" BPM is 128-130. This is a bit slow for traditional rebound shallow work, but once your students get these movements in full range of motion, you can pitch it up a bit. My experienced Grounded class does this work to 135-138 BPM.

Please email with any questions of if anything is unclear! Happy H2O!

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