Tawanda's 15- min. Ball Solution, PART 1

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13500)

POSITION: back is on the floor, feet and knees together with legs elevated on the Resist-A-Ball, ball close to the hips.
ACTION: trunk curls, keep hips down
PROGRESSION: beginners with arms crossed on chest; intermediate with hands at the side of head, elbows out; advanced with arms extended overhead, biceps glued to ears
CUES: feet rest lightly on the ball, no movement visible at all with the ball, flex the spine 2 counts, lengthen the spine back down to the floor 2 counts. 32x

POSITION: same as above, except the ball is gripped with the inside of the ankles at the widest part of the ball (NOT at the upper portion of the ball - that's too easy!)
ACTION: trunk curls, keep hips down
PROGRESSIONS: same as above
CUES: keep knees slightly flexed throughout; keep the ball stabile with no movement. 8x slow, hold 8 counts in a flexed spine position, single count 1/2 ROM compression/contractions.

POSITION: same as above
ACTION: trunk curl with rotation
PROGRESSIONS: same as above, except for advanced position-ONE arm overhead, using the opposite arm from the rotational direction and with the arm away from the head 6 to 8 inches.
CUES: Flex the spine and rotate the torso in the following movement line-aim the sternum (breastbone) towards the border of the inner thigh of the opposite leg. It will be increasingly challenging to keep the ball still. 8x right, 8x left, 16x alternating sides

POSITION: lying on your back, knees bent, feet on the floor, ball resting on front of thighs, both hands on the ball, both arms straight and "stiff".
ACTION: thinking of using ribcage, not arms, 'push" the ball up the right thigh to the crest of the knee. Release.
PROGRESSIONS: push higher than your normal range of motion.
CUES: Do not lead the movement with your head. Neutral cervical alignment. Perform these slowly, holding when the ball is at the top of the knee. Repeat at least 8x. Switch to left side and repeat. Trains correct movement mechanics for oblique work, removes bad habit of over-rotation and substituting with scapular protraction.

This is a sequence of core conditioning exercises that can be slipped into the traditional abs section of any class. Because the ball is used more as a prop, this is a great series to use with a class that is inexperienced balancing ON the ball.

Suggestion-afterwards, have them perform a few of the much easier traditional crunches. It will make believers out of them.

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From: Texas (USA)
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