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Hi all

It's that time of year again, when the members start back to the gym and this is what they are getting in my class.

There has been a recent discussion on the Turnstep chat boards about the posting of choreography. It is very difficult to interpet another persons choreography, in written form. There were many suggestions on how to make that an easier task. I always did post the count at the end of each move, but I did make some assumptions which may or may not have been clear in the writing. I will try to correct that and hopefully my choreograpy will be easier to understand. Also, do feel free to email me with questions, or suggestions

Step = horizontal
64 count self-reversing (64 each side, total 128)
Cross Phrasing where indicated
Assumes a right lead

I am not a north, south, east or west poster. I have trouble with these directions even when I drive, so, I will use (home) the side of the step that faces the front of the room. Back, or away side (opposite to home). Right or left end of bench.


Combo I (Cross Phrasing)

Total 64 counts

** Spin, mambo - a spin is a full pivot 360 degrees. Right foot on bench, do a full pivot so that you end up on the back side of the bench, facing left. Then add a mambo to that with the left foot.

*** Revolving door - right foot on bench, cross over, turning on the floor to face the opposite direction at the finish (will be on away side of bench). So if you start facing left, you will finish facing right.

Combo II

Total 64 counts

** Special around the world curls - instead of curl straddle, around the world, I work around the outside of the bench. Right foot on bench, curl, turning your body, exit off small left end, will be facing back wall. Right foot again, curl off back side of step, will be on away side, facing back wall. Right foot again curl off small left side of step, facing front of room. Right foot again, curl off step, finish on home side, facing front of room. There is not straddling here, you are outlining the bench from the outside.

*** Chuggs and over the bench - from the straddle position, do 2 right chugs (also called stomps) and push off to finish on away side of bench, facing left.

**** For the V-steps, it's one on the bench right lead, one on the floor right lead, turning left, one on the floor right lead turning left again, then 4 hops back to looking at the bench.

Combo III (Cross Phrasing)

Total 64 counts

** Figure 8, is a repeater of any kind, move around small end of bench, into a straddle

*** Orbit - is a diagonal, pivot. Start right foot on bench, head diagonal, turning you body as you exit so that you are facing the direction you just left.

**** V-Hangover is a V-step, using both the bench and the floor at the same time. It's a side approach, left foot V on bench (1) right foot V on floor (1), step down and in left (1), step in right (1)

Combo IV

Total 64 counts

** Cross over mambo - from the straddle position, right foot crosses over the bench, to the away side of the step, in front of left foot.

*** Mambo, pivot, bench and floor. Do a left mambo on bench, pivot, completly face back of room and come back to front.

Well I am now exhausted. This sure was a lot of work, but if it helps one person to understand, then it will be worth it. Email questions.


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