Kickin' Boot Camp

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This material was designed for a 45 minute Boot Camp class but incorporates elements of Kickboxing. There are 5 cycles. Each cycle has cardio, legs, arms and abs in that order. The rep numbers in the cardio sections are for 1 minute of work. As the class progresses increase the reps for both cardio and strenghening exercises. I spend between 2 to 4 minutes on the cardio portions generally. The props used for each cycle are listed.

Cycle 1 (Free weights & step)

Cardio: Bounce and:


Triceps extensions: on back on step, weights to ceiling, shoulder to elbow is anchored, bend arm at elbow down & up

Bent arm plank: hold 30 seconds. Alternating hip dips - hip does not touch floor, concentrate on oblique area, 2-4 sets hip dips

Cycle 2 (Step, bar, weighted ball)

Cardio: Jog up & down on step(8), Heel jacks (8)

32 Alternating side squats with bar on shoulders

Biceps: back on step, weights at chest, palms facing, extend to ceiling, split arms to parallel with floor, raise to ceiling, lower to chest

Hip raise with ball: lying on side, feet stacked one on top of other, ball on obliques, lift hip up from floor, 16 each side

Cycle 3 (bar)

Cardio: Boxer shuffle, right (4) left (4) Power jab & duck (2 quick alternating jabs, duck)

Static forward lunges, bar on back, 16 each side

Push ups sequence: 4 singles, 2 half time (down 2 up 2), 4 sets

Abs: criss crosses (back on floor, opposite elbow to knee) 32 counts

Cycle 4 (free weights)


Bootcamp lunges: Weights at shoulder, palms face. Back lunge, weights extend down; same knee up & biceps curl; extend leg, weights to ceiling; leg down; weights to shoulder. Repeat 8x same side, then other side

Abs - sit on glute, on elbow, opposite elbow up, feet together, legs extended, bring both knees in & elbow down, 16-24 reps, then repeat other side

Cycle 5 (bar, free weights, weighted ball)


Inner thigh raise with bar

Triceps pull downs: back on step, weights at chest, extend up/over head, split arms open so weights are even with shoulders, bring back together, pull down to chest

Oblique twists with ball: on glutes, lean back, twist side to side with ball

Feel free to email me with questions. Thanks to all who post!

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