Inner Thigh/Ab Two-For

This is a Ball pattern from (pattern 13532)

Pick a song, any song that has a great chorus (for the pulses later!)

Have class begin on back with knees at chair position (90 degree at hips, 90 degree at knees). Remind to contract abs - suck belly button to spine - to protect the lower back.

**If lower back injury or weakness, keep feet on the floor.**

Place ball between knees and squeeze! I cue this with, "The object of this game is to squeeze so hard the little button (valve) to pops out of the ball"

First verse:

Squeeze ball in for 3 count, out 1.
"Squeeze In, 2, 3, Release"
Intermediate: crunch up 3 count, down 1 at the same time.
"Crunch & Squeeze, 2, 3, Release"
Advanced: lower heels towards floor 3 count, up 1 while squeezing ball (not for participants with lower back injuries).

Chorus: Forget all the ab work, concentrate only on legs, pulsing for the whole thing. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8" Give 5 second rest.

Next verse:

Squeeze ball in for 2 count, out 2.
Intermediate: Crunch up 2 count, down 2 while squeezing.
Advanced: Lower heels towards floor 2 count, up 2 while squeezing ball.

Chorus: Pulse IT! (Remember that 5 second rest at the end)

Next Verse:

Same thing, but in 1, out 1, squeezing all way in and only letting out a fraction.

My favorite song for this is Shania, Honey I'm Home.

Stretch, stretch, stretch!

I really avoid this on Fridays. I find my classes hate me when they can't separate their knees for an entire weekend!

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