Kauai - Core and Stretch

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13548)

The following ball exercises come from the 2003 IDEA convention in Anaheim and are based on both yoga and pilates. These exercises can be quite challenging and are best performed slowly to new age or other quiet background music.

Standing: reach overhead with ball - go into a hip hinge - flex forward at the hips 1 leg rising behind, long arms will ball staying overhead and reaching forward - up to the participant how low they go.

Hip extension: light fingers on the ball lift one leg and hold - alternate legs - challenge - turn sideways facing into the hip extension (like a T stand) - very challenging. Standing lunge: lift ball overhead and hold then do the other side extension and lunge.

Prone over ball: knees or shins on ball do an incline plank - long arms - hold and breathe naval coming in everytime you exhale (modification for anyone with weak wrists/shoulders could do forearm plank on floor, arms on ball or keep the ball more under thighs for the incline) add a roll in to the incline plank focusing on lower abdominal fibers. Stretch: hands and feet down - twist to one side and lift that arm to the ceiling then the other side. Do planks/roll ins again then go into a scissor stretch - rolling hips to one side lift the leg on that side to the ceiling - both hands can stay on the floor or you lift the same side arm to the ceiling - challenging.

Supine incline on ball: boat - slow crunch (straight or cross) lifting 1 leg which you alternate - hard. Bridging: with head, neck, shoulders on ball - actively raise and lower hips - hold and extend 1 leg straight out and balance. Stretch back over ball.

Supine seated on floor: partial roll downs holding the ball. Laying on floor hold ball between lower leg, legs straight to ceiling, squeeze inner thighs and lower straight to floor - circle ball one way and then the other (hard) - choose your repetitions.

Feet on ball: 1 leg crosses for figure 4 stretch, glutes are down, then glutes are lifted, glutes down again and roll the ball in - straighten leg and drop the leg that was bent out to the side for an adductor stretch. Do the other side.

End with straddle stretches - can incorporate rolling like a ball.

Just enjoyed meeting another turnstep instructor, Linda, over here on Kaua'i.

Aloha, Petrina

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