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This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 13865)

Combo 1

Repeat other side

Combo 2

Repeat other side

Combo 3

Repeat other side

Hope all my explanations make sense to you - if not get in touch!!

Hiya Nathalie, Hiya Terri

  • Spring ballchange - (1) spring onto left foot lifting right a little, (&) step right foot out to the side lifting left a little, (2) step left taking the weight back onto the left leg, repeat other side - this move should be very springy

    **Reverse grapevine - (1) cross right foot behind left, (2) step left foot out to the left side, (3) cross right foot in front of left, (4) lunge left leg out to side, repeat other side

    ***3 Point tap - (1) tap left foot forwards, (2) tap left foot to side, (3) tap left foot backwards, (4) jump feet together, repeat other side

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    From: England (United Kingdom)
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