12 Days of Xmas

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13873)

* Firm butt, get your clients on the floor lying on their backs, feet flat on the floor. Squeeze your bum as hard as you can. Do as many sets as you like.

** In partners one lying on the floor in ab crunch position holding onto their partners ankles. Straight legs and get the standing partner to throw their legs towards the floor. They have to keep their legs as straight as possible but not touch the ground. Hard ab exercise!!

***Standing holding onto the wall or bar, neutral spine, lift outer leg so knee is level with hip, keeping leg in this position extending out and return. Change legs.

****Lying face down on the floor, roll mats up to protect pelvis. Looking at the floor, spine in neutral. Lift the whole leg including thigh off the floor squeezing hamstrings and butt. You will feel it in lower back after a while.

*****Crouch down hands on floor next to feet, jump legs out to push up position, straddle legs, back together, jump legs back in to crouch, stand and jog.

******Ab curl position, imagine rope in between legs pull yourself up for 4 and lower back down for 4. Controlled and slow.

Hope you guys understand this, if not send us a email. And I'll try to help out. Merry Christmas :-)

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