Side Kick Balance and Strength Drill

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Thanks for all the graet kickboxing patterns! I've done this for three years and finding new ideas keeps me sane!

This drill helps students practice form, control and balance and also work the legs, buns, and hips. It's simple:

1. (Have students get in side stance to the bag. All of the weight is in the non-kicking leg, toes out 45 degrees.)

*Start by just doing a good strong side kick that moves the bag away. (bring the knee in to chest [chamber], kick out, chamber, set foot back down.)

(The idea is to really control the leg and stay balanced on the standing leg.)

2. (Then I tell the class that a good test of balance and control is if after the first kick you can kick the bag again when it returns without missing or being pushed over by the bag.)

*Do two side kicks with same leg (foot down in between, or keep it up for a much harder drill)

3. If they can do two with the same leg, do three in a row and so on.

4. Eventually, I say to do as many in a row as possible as fast as possible before falling over or wearing out, then start over again. (Go maybe a minute or so...)

5. Switch sides

Any questions let me know!

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From: Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA)
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