Over and under

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13887)

Split the class in half. Over and under is a very anaerobic drill; they are working above the threshold and just below their threshold, heart rate monitor is ideal but you can you use the preceived exertion scale. I usually do about three times then give them a 15 second or a 30 second break. The drill half of the class is off their saddle and the other half is on their saddle. Resistance on scale from 1 - 10, meaning 10 is 100% break they should be working at level of 7 - 9 depends on their fitness level, cadence should be 90 rpm to 95 rpm. On the saddle and off the saddle cadence at 100 rpm to 110 rpm. Each interval will be 15 seconds so all you need to do is say switch then the participants will switch body position. The participants off the saddle should be working above their anaerobic threshold, and the participants on the saddle just below their threshold. The length of song is between 5 - 7 minutes, 7 minute long song is brutual. Participants will not like it during the drill but after they will like the accomplishment. You can also place in a rolling hills.

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