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Hi everyone, I have come up with another Holiday fun work out for my class. I do a theme class each season and after using my survivor and bingo class several times I thought my participants might be getting bored. So here's the latest.

I did one of those ice breaker get aquainted sheets with a picture of a Christmas tree on it and then did 12 different things, example, find someone with blue eyes and do 20 jumping jacks with them, each thing has to be done with someone different. So not only are you getting to know people in your class (which also makes people feel more a part of something and know more people even if their best friend can't make it that night) it is also giving them a really good work out as well.

Then I had the room set up like a circuit with several muscle conditioning and aerobic moves and at each station they had a question (can be Christmas related or health related.) Stuff I have talked about in class etc. They had to do the activity for one minute and answer the question. The person with all the correct answers got a small prize.

We also used sheets of paper to skate with (great quad workout) and then krumpled the paper up to have two teams of a snow ball fight. The team with the most snow balls at the end of the minute has to do 20 push ups. This got tons of laughter.

I gave them all a small block of wood with the verse typed out on the top * home exercise workout * I then got them to read the instructions on the block and do it. It says, place block on floor and walk around twice. I then told them that they just walked around the block twice. They thought that was very funny. (dollar store has great blocks) I then made everyone a Hershey kiss rose bud and wished them Happy Hollidays.

Hope you can use some of the ideas and as always thanks to so many that inspire me.
Happy Holidays.


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