Lethal Leslie #18

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Horizontal step
These are in no particular order. I just picked a few combos to put on here. Hope you enjoy. Any questions feel free to email me.

Combo #1

Combo #2

Stomp & chasse - starting at left corner, stomp the step right foot (1), left foot lifts at same time, left foot to floor & right foot lifts (2), right foot to step (3), left foot to step and right foot lifts (&), right foot to floor on north side of the step and left foot is in the air (4), repeat on opposite side of step (4)

Combo #3

Pop over (3) - just like doing half of a 6 point mambo except, you hop over the step and mambo behind on the floor, not on the step. Facing east, left foot hops over the step so it is on the floor (1), right foot mambos behind and left foot lifts (2), left foot back on the floor and right foot lifts (3), ready for the repeater 2, you are facing east the whole time

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