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Hello hello! I did this class a few weeks ago, on the night I was getting reviewed by my supervisor. Guess what -- I got a promotion! Coincidence????

Part I (self-reversing)

* Cross the foot over -- immediately after the double knee, stay on top of the step (to get ready for the lunges) and literally step over one foot with the other so that you end up with both feet next to each other on the top of the step, facing front

* Spiral lunge -- just 4 alternating lunges behind you, but you are spinning at the same time. For the first 2 lunges, you are facing the front of the room. As you finish the second lunge and are about to do the third, you start spin so you're facing the side wall. Then on lunges 3 & 4 you're facing the back of the room.

* Triple switch -- a repeater knee but you end up exiting off the opposite side. I do it so that you are boomeranging between the front and back of the step with each knee (first knee off the back, second knee off the front, third knee off the back, exit off the front)

Part II (self-reversing) Part III (self-reversing)

* L-step spin -- as you do the knee for an L-step, spin so you face the back of the room, then finish the L-step facing rear and move to the opposite corner to begin again. In this pattern, we don't go all the way around. It's L-step spin (1-4), face the rear and finish the L-step (5-8), move to the opposite corner and L-step spin (4) but face into the step and do a revolving door across the LONG way (4).

* Instead of a double ham on the floor, it's WAY more fun (and good for lots of laughs) if you have them keep their non-lead foot on the floor and just drop the knee toward the other leg and wiggle your hips 2x, then begin the grapevine back to the step. I also have them hold their arms in the air when they do this. It's sexy and fun!

Part IV (this is it! this one is NOT self-reversing because I weave them together)

* Jog 4 -- jog the first 2 facing front, then quickly hop over the step on the third jog and add the fourth jog facing the back

* U-turn off the tip -- turn, straddle, turn off the opposite tip

That's it! Email me with any questions. Hope you like it!

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