Ann's Fun Double #1

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 13899)

I like to do my double step classes with vertical steps, like so:

Front of the room
F |       |
  |       |
  |       |
  |       |
D | B   A | C

The letters indicate starting & ending positions, I refer to them below. I don't use the terms home & away, instead I call left and right. This is always relative to the way you are facing at the time. It may sound a little confusing at first, but it's easy for me to cue & easy for my students to follow. Each pattern is 32 beats.

The entire thing is self-reversing, with the intention that you go through each pattern one time starting on one side, then through the whole thing starting on the other lead. Some of the individual patterns are also self-reversing. I have indicated these.

Warm-up notes: I spend some time doing travelling things back & forth between the benches: kicks, side legs, over-over both benches, etc, to allow people the chance to gauge their step position & adjust according to their needs.

Starting position: A, indicated above.

==>Ending position: B. This pattern is self-reversing.

==>Ending position: C. This pattern is not self-reversing.

==> Ending position: D. This pattern is self-reversing.

==> Ending position: E, facing the side. This pattern is not self-reversing.

==> Ending Position: D. Now you are in position to go through the whole thing starting from the top, with the opposite lead.

Enjoy!! Please email with any questions!!

* L-step, pivot home: like a regular L-step, but at the end, pivot back & off so the step is to your side & you are facing the end you just did the L on.

** Repeater Over: Starts like a regular repeater knee, but continue the third knee right on over the step. When teaching the move I cue it "one (1-2), two (3-4), three-and-over (5-6-7-8)".

*** T-step: as described in the Turnstep Dictionary, except you are starting from the side instead of the back.

**** O-step: Turn straddle, turn straddle, so you end up where you started.

***** Indecision over: Over the top with 2 lunges in the middle. Facing along the bench, step up lead foot, then other foot, lunge or tap the far side with the lead foot, then on the other side with the second foot, then exit to the far side.

****** S-turn: Combination hop-turn & diagonal. Start at one corner (B), end at the other (F), facing the opposite direction.

******* Turn-2-repeater: Turnstep with 2 repeater knees tacked right on the end, before coming off the step. When teaching the move I cue it "Turn-and-knee-and-knee-and-off".

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