Rugged Boy Vertical Tapless # 2 little bit tough maybe

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Hi guys,
Here are two vertical tapless combos both are 64 counts. and self-reversing.

Combo #1 64 counts.

Combo #2 64 count

whoo.. lots of move to explain I hope you can figure them out, if you need some help breaking the code feel free to email me.

* Double knee with richocete straddle down - step up as doing a double knee repeater then swing leg back behind you to away side the back to home side then straddle down (6) "also a regular double knee will work this is just an option"

** V-hangover - done on the small end same movement as a regular V-step just one foot hangs off on the floor (4)

*** Reverse side lunge x 2 - counts 1-2 step up as you would a reverse turn then alternate side lunge x2 and exit off with no taps

**** Walk the step with half pivot on floor - foot steps on step then in front of step half pivot around to face the step (4)

***** 2 Step knees moving down long end with mambo on floor - 1-4 2 step knees moving down step from top of step mambo down and cha cha to turn back towards step (8)

****** Double ham reverse pivot on floor - this is just an option for a 3 repeater - 1-4 double ham 5-8 reverse pivot

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From: Northport, Alabama (USA)
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