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Some choreography in this pattern was inspired by Gay Gasper. This is one of my favorite routines, but must be done with an advanced class. Email with any questions, this can get very confusing! ;)

Block 1

*Step on left end of bench with right foot. Squat the left foot off the left end of the bench, (lift the right foot straight up as you squat the left.) Step back on with the right foot (same place as before), bring the left foot back to start...

**As soon as the left foot comes back to start, lead the right foot straight back (diagonally) to a mambo back. You kind of face the left side of the bench as you do these 2 moves.

***Do one right V to the front, turn towards the right shoulder, and do one right V on the floor, then turn back towards the right shoulder again to face front. I usually have my students raise their right hands the first few times to see which way to turn.

Block 2

Block 3

*Should straddle down left, then right. Step on the bench with the left foot to face front, right follows, then lunge back left, right, left, come all the way off.

There are 3 more blocks but they get more confusing to type. If you would like them just email me, but this should be a good start for you! Email with questions.

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