Terrific Tapless Step

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13913)

Block 1

32 counts self-reversing

**V mambo cha cha---Step up right left in V-step (4 counts) then come to the floor lead right and do a mambo or pivot cha cha which travels to the east corner lead to left foot.

**Knee straddle walk--Now leading left on the east corner knee straddle the bench 4 counts..Step the step the right foot over the bench to the northside and walk around to the front of the bench 4 counts to the east corner.

**Next do the L-step 4 counts (west corner) and stay at the end of the bench...step up right leg and hop to a straddle facing the front of the body west...finish the straddle 4 counts and you are on top of the bench. Lunges left then right to complete the 32 counts and now repeat the pattern leading left.

Any questions...feel free to email.

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