Aqua Boot Camp

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Hello out there! Thank you for sharing all your great ideas, they help keep me from burning out!!! Now it is my turn to share.

This class is tons of fun! It is a circuit style interval class using core moves in a whole new format!! My veterans died the first few days and we attracted quite a few men as there is no choreography. You need orange cones and some pre-made laminated cards. Tape the cards to the cone and place them around your class "space" on the deck. My favorite stations are:

You get the idea...

Warm up is usually basic jogging with some large upper body movements for 10 min (get that heart rate elevated) I usually have approximately 6 stations set up and we do 1 minute (100% intensity) intervals at each they usually get any where to 30-45 seconds to get to the next station. I might break after one circuit and do some sprints across the pool or some group cardio or ab work and then repeat the circuit! I hope this challanges you and your class in a whole new way! It turned all my boring core moves into something new entirely! This class is entirely adaptable for people of all fitness levels (I have triathletes, yoga instructors, right across to third age participants!) It is such a fun class!!!

Enjoy and let me know how it goes or share new ideas with me!!!

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From: Burnaby, British Columbia (Canada)
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