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Here's some transitions that I love to use in class! :)

Horse Stance: Jab front: single, single, double
I love to do this slow then pick it up to all singles, tempo. Focus on keeping the hips forward and using core strength.

In your Bob n' Weave stance (I call this Railroad Tracks):
Bob down (these is like tiny pulse squats) for 3 then you jump, tuck knees in and switch to the other side. I cue bob 2, 3 switch...I usually do this 3 times to get up their heart rate and to change sides. This one is SO good for the legs. Also, I use it as motivation...I have them count along with me and if they aren't, then we keeping doing it till they do :)

Power Downs: I really try not to do any jacks in class, but sometimes I'll whip out power downs. Just do regular jacks for 4 counts then have them power down (big squat) for 2.

That's all for me right now :)


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From: Stow, Ohio (USA)
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