Latin Twist 2

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 12755)

Progression 1

(Right and left front cha chas are discussed in detail on "Latin Twist". Please refer to that routine for a description.)

Progression 2

Progression 3


(Z-hop-a Daphne original, I'm proud to say!!-will be discussed in the additional comments)

Progression 4

Progression 5


(Please refer to "Latin Twist" for a description of the Hips) Circle points will be discussed in the additional comments

Progression 6

Progression 7

Let me know how it goes!!!

Sambas-are mambos essentially but the difference is that as you are mamboing with your right or left leg you are going in the direction that you are "Sambaing" in. For instance if you are Sambaing with your right leg you are moving sideways towards the right side of the room. If you keep your feet low to the ground and make it a more low-impact move then you can really work your hips into this step. It has potential for being a very sexy move!!

Z-Hop-visualize the letter Z. You are clapping at each of the four points of this letter BUT you start at the bottom right hand point of the "Z". So you clap bottom right, bottom left, clap at upper right point and then final clap at upper left point of the "Z". As you are clapping each point you hop forward and in the direction that you are clapping. For instance when you clap the the bottom right point you hop to the right side, when you clap the bottom left point you hop the the left side, etc.

Circle point-Standing in stationary position will be home base. Start at home base. Circle point right simply means that you tap your right foot to the front then to the side then to the back and the foot goes back to homebase at homebase you give a clap. Do the same with the left leg--tap up, side, back, together (clap) and up, side, back, together (clap)


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