Lethal Leslie #16

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12761)

Vertical step, tapless, start on left side of the step, right lead

Warm Up

Combo #1

*Chasse mambo over 2xs go over the step faster, 1&2, mambo back 3,4

Combo #2

Stomp straddle from the top of the step, right foot stomps floor on right side of step and left foot lifts at the same time (1), left foot back on top (2), straddle down right left (3,4)

Combo #3

Combo #4

6 Count over - like a 6 point or 3 point turn, whatever you want to call it, but just go over the step instead of turning

Diagonal walk - I think some call this walk away joe, go diagonal, walk 2, pivot turn, walk 2 back to the step

Stomp straddle kick and straddle left foot stomps step and right lifts at same time (1), right foot down still on right side of step (2), left foot stomps floor on left side of step and right foot lifts (3), right foot back in place (4), left foot on step (5), right foot kicks (6), straddle right left (7,8)

Cross opposite of weave, bring the trail leg in front instead of behind

Combo #5

Double dip come up right left (1,2), right foot taps floor on right side (3), right knee up (4), right foot taps floor (5), right foot on top of step and left lifts off (6), exit left right while turning to the back (7,8)

Any questions or comments please email. Thanks

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