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This is a fun way to offer all levels of intensity in your step class. Set up 3 rows of steps, touching end to end, about 8 steps per row. THE STEPS MUST TOUCH (NO SPACE IN BETWEEN). Each row of steps will be a different level. Make one row 3 risers high (6 risers under each step) one row 2 risers high (4 risers under each step), and one row 1 riser high (2 risers under each step). You and your students will approach the steps vertically the whole class. The concept is this:

Here's a diagram:

XXXXXXXX - advanced row (steps are laid out the long way, end to 
                         end, TOUCHING.)
XXXXXXXX  - intermediate row

XXXXXXXX  - beginner row

***Encourage your students to try out different levels of intensity, they can switch back and forth between rows.

Here's the combos: (keep them short and simple)

How it works: Teach the combination on 1 step several times. When you're sure they've got it, they're ready to repeat it down the line on every step, getting off at the end of the row and running to get back onto the steps. Then have them "sprint!" for a few minutes. Stop them at a step and teach them a new combo. "Sprint!" again, etc.

Try pattern 1 for 4 benches, "Sprint!" for 4 benches, pattern 2 for 4 benches, "Sprint!" again, etc.

Cueing problems: In pattern #2, cue them to cheat forward on their current step on the 1 kick, so that they can fully get to the next step to execute a proper turnstep. In pattern #3, Cue them to say "front", "back" when they travel corner to corner. Otherwise they get mixed up as to where to land on the next step down the line to begin the A-step hestitation. ???? email me

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