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This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12764)

Hi aquababes,
Haven't posted for a loooonnnng time...Here's an idea for those who find 'Belly Rolls' with a woggle too easy (you know the legs out front, tuck under and push legs behind, tuck under, legs front again move, whatever you call it) simply knot the woggle and hold it by the free ends when you do the move. Try it yourselves first, the stability front to back is about the same but back to front is a real battle. My advanced students love the challenge and it has enabled me to layer the abs work. You can also use the knot in the side-to-side version of the move with the knot in the leading hand, swapping to the other hand as you change direction. If you dont get me, email.

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