Inner-Outer thigh workout

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 12775)

I haven't had time to read through ALL of the exercises so this may be a repeat.

Outer Thigh Isolation workout: Set up steps with four risers (two on each side) and have tubing (bands) with handles. Sit on end of step, place tubing on bottom (middle) of feet with feet hip-width apart. Grab "necks" of tubing in one hand, reaching the other hand under the straight part of tube under feet and reach up for the ends (or necks) of the tubing, simply wrapping tubes around feet. Hold right handle in left hand, left in right, crossing the tubing. Roll down onto step making sure head to hips are on step. Legs straight up (knees soft), bring elbows down to touch step. Take legs in an out emphasising the out movement. Take it slow maybe four counts out, then pulse for eight, four counts in. Do either to fatigue or change it a little by bending the knees JUST to the point where you can still see your feet over your knees and do a few (or more) from this position.

Inner Thigh Isolation workout: "Unwrap" feet, place the tubing UNDER one set of risers and even it out - equal amount of tubing on each side of step. Take a handle and flip it over the end of a shoe (both sides, of course) with hard side of the handle on the bottom of shoe. Lie down again making sure your head and hips are on the step, lift legs straight up with soft knees. Now go in and out emphasising the inner thighs (make sure the tubing is on the outside of the leg and toes need to stay slightly pointed so tubing won't come off. Squeeze extra tight coming in to fatigue.

A good hamstring isolation is to lie on the floor in front of the step with heels dug into the step, feet flexed. Lift one leg straight up and lift body off the ground using the leg on the step. To fatigue, then change legs. This works even better using stability balls!

This is probably old news but they're good ones. Thanks for all the great ideas shared on this site. Keep up the good work.

Carol Ann

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