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Okay I have been reading stuff from this site for a couple of months now and I finally decided that I would see if anybody finds what I do in my classes as useful information.

Introduction - 10 minutes
Intro class format, go through resistance levels (so they get a feel for their bike and know where to go when you cue them later on in the work out). Bring up body postioning, pedal stroke, etc. I usually run through a quick upper body stretch during this time. I realize this is probably a given but you never know, right?

LOE = Level of effort
R= Resistance

Warm Up /Surges - 8.5 minutes
LOE = 85%
R = 5 or 6
15 on 15 off (5X)
30 on 30 off (3X)
45 on 45 off (2X)

Rollers - 4 minutes
(That's the lingo I use. You Johnny G. folks probably call it something else)
LOE = 80%
R = 8 up hill
R = 3 down hill
30 sit-15 sit/surge -15 spin (4X)
Sit and climb for 30. When you get close to the top of the hill surge to the top and then spin fast down hill for 15

Group Pulls - 12 minutes
Split your class into 3 groups for this drill.
LOE = 85-90% (work)
LOE = 65% (active recovery)
R = 8 (work)
R = 5 (recovery)
Each group will pull for 30 while the other 2 groups draft. (A cool way to do intervals)

Intervals - 15.5 minutes
LOE = 85 - 100% (depending on the length of the interval, you determine the LOE by how strong your class is)
15 on 30 off (4X)
30 on 60 off (4X)
45 on 90 off (3X)

Cool Down/Flush - 3 minutes
LOE = 50-60%
R = 7/6/5
1 minute at each resistance level
Stand in a 7. Sit for the 6 and 5

Stretch - 7 minutes

I hope you find this useful. My class found this to be a tough work out. I did not put down the music I used because any mix that is fairly up-tempo should work just fine. Total class time is 1 hour.

I welcome feedback or comments.

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