Augusta's syncopated swing

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This is for the more adventurous classes I think. Lots of cha-cha-cha steps.

Combo 1

*Shuffle turn = start this like a turnstep (right, left) (1,2), turning your body out to the east, step down into a shuffle on the floor that moves you toward the back of the room (right foot steps down, turning out to east(3)/ left foot steps toward right foot (&) / right foot steps out again toward the back of the room (4). Now, pivot toward the back of the room and do half of a turnstep on the foor facing back (left, right) (5,6)/ shuffle back toward the bench (left, right, left) (7&8). Ready to lead on right again.

**Mambo shuffle rock rock = mambo with right foot to left corner (1,2)/ shuffle on the floor to the right (right, left, right - 3&4)/ swing left foot behind right foot and rock weight on to it (5), and then immediately rock weight back onto the right foot while swinging left foot wide to the left (6) then, land weight on the left foot (7) and then rock weight back to the right foot (8) -- ready to lead left. Only count 1 is on the bench -- 2 through 8 are on the floor.

Combo 2

*Spin out = You can make this simple: from tapping foot (right), grapevine to the right (1-4), and then grapevine back toward the bench (5-8). Or you can make it more complicated (and I think, more fun): from tapping foot (right), spin 3 counts and tap, then spin back 3 counts and tap. To spin, you step out with your right foot, turn your right shoulder to the south and step toward the south with your left foot, continue moving your right shoulder to the right (now your shoulder will be headed north) and step right foot toward north, then tap your left foot close to your right. This can really move out away from the bench once they get it. Then spin back toward the bench taking your right shoulder to the left now.

Both of these combos are self-reversing. If you want to string them together, just change the last four counts into 2 half steps. With both of these patterns, I break them way down and teach some of the components seperately. Hope you can use some of this. Email me if you have questions or comments. Thanks for all your submissions.

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From: Fairhope, Alabama (USA)
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