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Thanks to all of the previous posters -- great inspiration and ideas!

Cyclists have a tendency to rely more on their stronger legs -- you see it near the end of the ride, when fatigue sets in and some of your riders are leaning. To counter this, I have incorporated "one legged drills" into every ride. It really helps the riders become more aware of their weaker side.

Here's the drill...
Get on a light to moderate hill that your riders are feeling in their quads/hamstrings. Get them to focus on their right leg, with the left "just along for the ride". Work that leg, using the song to move from the right leg to the left. Slowly increase resistance during the song, so the riders really feel how they are using each of their legs. Do the drill early on, before fatigue sets in. Remind them if they're leaning, so they become more aware of the "fatigue lean" later.

I've also had them take one foot out of the strap, but some riders find this distracting.

Here are two songs that work great for this drill - Finish What You Started by Van Halen or Runaway by Bon Jovi.

I'd love to hear about other one-legged drills that have worked for you. Feel free to email me!

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