and we swam, and we swam...

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Hello everyone! This pattern is sooooo cool that it makes grown men cry! I usually do this after my biathalon class. We take a mat and then I ask the class to make a circle so we can all see each other. We lay down on the mat face down with our legs and toes touching the floor. Please make sure they keep the feet and toes to the floor or else they'll get their lower backs into it and that is not what we want. It's all about the arms! The upper torso will come off the mat...just enough so the chest is off the mat. I tell them that if their neck starts to ache or get tired then they can put their foreheard to the mat to relax that area. I start them off usually with the arms out to the side and we will start turning or twisting the arms with thumbs down and pinkies up...eventually I'll tell them to SWIM....literally they'll take both arms and start swimming through our immaginative makeshift blue, clear, warm water! You really want them to exaggerate the move and go slow with it so they can feel their shoulders and back muscles really working. I also add in some other stuff like pulsing the arms out to the side...or bringing them forward and holding that well as doing that to the side...etc.

However, the best part is when you take them swimming! I use a song that is about 4 1/2 minutes long. It comes from my cd collection so I don't know the exact beats per minute but you should use something that is between 112-120 beats per minute...nothing too fast.

Have fun with it and make sure you tell your class that they can't give up and drown! That's not an option!!!!

Stay Fit,

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From: Berryville, Virginia (USA)
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