Kickboxing Circuit

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 12835)

I used this in a circuit class, so the choreography is easy but the workout is intense.

Block One:

Bob and weave 4x, shuffle to the side (4 counts), jack 2x, front kick 2x (alternating), jab and jack 2x (one on each side). Reverse to left side leading. Repeat a bunch of times.

Interval One:
Jab and jack, alternating, for about a minute
Quick 8 jab, alternating, same
Bicep curls with weights, about 90 seconds

Block Two:

Jog up (4 counts) low, shuffle in place (4 counts), squat and hook 2x (alternating), jog back low and jack 2x (8 counts), front kick alternating 4x. Reverse and repeat, etc.

Interval Two:
Shuffle side to side
Shuffle travel with hook side to side
Tricep press with weights

Block Three:

Shuffle side with jab, shuffle side with hook (8 counts), bob and weave traveling up to the front of the room 4x, uppercut (alternating) 4x, jump rope travelling backwards (careful!) 8 counts. Reverse, repeat...

Interval Three:
Jump rope, skip rope, any tricks you might know with the rope...
Shoulder press with weights

Block Four:

Duck the wire (just a really low and controlled bob and weave to one side only- slow motion, 4 counts), shuffle to the same side (4 counts), quick 8 jab in place, hook (alternating) 4x, jack 4x. To reverse on left side- duck the wire and shuffle as above, speed bag 8 counts, uppercut (alternating) 4x and jack 4x.

Interval Four:
Speed bag
Shoulder flys with weights

After the cool down we did push ups, squats and abs. We sweat a lot!

Hope you can use it...

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From: Manassas Park, Virginia (USA)
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