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I have a small-ish (10 -12) class step/sculpt class on Wednesdays at noon, and here is what I plan to try today. This comes about because I am getting bored with my ordinary set-up....In general I like to spice up my sculpting classes with cardio "blasts" at random intervals. The following combines cardio and sculpting throughout.

Here is proposed set up: Three columns of steps, placed horizontally. Call them Row A, Row B, Row C. Maybe 8-10 steps per column. Steps in a column should be spaced with at least one full step-width between them.

Rows A and B are going to be used for cardio-type stuff.

Row C is going to be used for sculpting moves.

I plan to pair one cardio move with one sculpt move (done in sequence, not simultaneously). I will demonstrate the pair, and then have participants cycle between them for a certain amount of time (e.g., 2 minutes, or whatever suits). When that time is up, I will demonstrate the next pair, and on we'll go. The aim is to get at all the major muscle groups eventually, while also challenging the cardiovascular system.

Cardio ideas (use one at a time paired with one sculpt move from next list):

Sculpt ideas (all are done on Row C):

I will probably place a couple sequences of walking lunges and squats in the middle of this somewhere, to do some serious leg-strengthening work. Maybe add an arm exercise at same time, if they are game.

And I will finish it all off with ab work, lower back, and ahhhh...some stretching.


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