Guaranteed sweater!!

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I pieced this routine together using different moves, some that I made up and others that I have seen throughout the years (thanks, Jenni, wherever you are!!) This is a lot of fun and is guaranteed to get hearts pumping!! Also, remember, you (and members) can modify it to satisfy your own intensity levels.

Combo #1

Repeat left lead

Combo #2

Repeat left lead

I usually do 8 travel knees here for a little brain break

Combo #3

I usually stick 8 more travel knees in here, just because :)

Repeat left lead

What is fun about this routine is that if you have a very seasoned group, you can teach all three combos quickly, then, instead instead of repeating opposite lead every time, move on to the next pattern. It would look like this: Combo #1 right lead face front; Combo #2 left lead face front; 8 travel knees right lead facing the rear of the room; Combo #3 right lead facing a side of the room. Then you're ready to start again with combo #1 left lead facing the rear of the room. Have fun sweating!!!

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From: Berea, Kentucky (USA)
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