Tapless Double Step

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12858)

This is my first attempt to send in a pattern so bear with me. I do double step often and I just say "change" when I want the class to go to the other step. For this routine I will say Home and Away because it can get confusing.

   X    X
   X    X
   X    X
   H    A

Start with the home step to your right so your right foot will lead.


* Step knee onto step then off and grapevine away with a knee and two steps back.


*Hop turn straddle down is a hop turn on the top of the step (180 degree turn) that ends in a straddle

**Travel mambo is mambo with right foot onto step then in front then on step then in back of you


*Around the World L is L-step leading with one foot then instead of exiting with the same foot, do a 180 turn and exit with the other foot to the other side of the step


I usually teach one part do both right and left lead. Sometimes this works out evenly and you can go from right to left, sometime it dosen't and you have to change the ending of one of the parts so the other foot leads. I try to do each part through twice with both the left and right leading, then I do the whole routine through 2 times starting with the right then the left.

Hope this makes sense.
Have fun:)

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