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I teach a coreboard class and love using intervals to mix things up, I am a new instructor and have used all of your stuff, so if you recognize these, that's because they are probably yours. Anyway I wanted to add to the pot!

#1 Pyramids

2 pushups, roll over and do 2 crunches,then 4 pushups/4 crunches. Go up to 8-10 (depending on class strength) and then go back down 8,6,4,etc. My class seems to love to hate these, and I do them first while they're fresh.

#2 Cardio Lunges

Step is vertical - one foot on floor, one on step. 8x pulse squats. Hop over and repeat other side. I usually repeat the 8x pulse squats 2-3 times, then break it down to 4 each side, then 2 each side, then singles. I then cue them to make it a side lunge. We lunge for 8 counts then add a quarter turn to the left and do 8 count lunge back, continue this until you've made it 2 complete times around the step. (I hope you can understand what I mean.)

#3 Row/kickback/bicep

With tubing stand one foot on step, other foot on floor with tubing underneath it. 16x upright row (single arm). 16x tricep kickbacks. 16x bicep curls. Combine all these together: 16x row up, kickback, release, 2 bicep. Repeat other arm

#4 Shuffle/power up

Start with 2 step touches right then back, add a basic left, then 2 step touches Left and back. So it would be:

Repeat this as desired - I usually do it 4x total

Then the step touches change to shuffles and the basic changes to a power basic (run up, run down), then 2 jacks on the floor. So it would be shuffle right, back to step, power basic, 2 jacks, shuffle left, back to step, power basic, 2 jacks. We do this for approximately 1-2 minutes.

#5 squat jumps/runs

8x jump squats. 8 count, drop low and run feet as fast as possible (like football runs, feet are wide.). Repeat 4x

#6 Hill climbers

Hands are on step (wide) feet are back, similar to a plank position, chest is over step, run feet as fast as possible 30 seconds. You want to pull knees in toward chest, so feet are not going up in the air, but toward your chest. We do 4 - 6 sets of these resting for 30 seconds between (active rest walking and moving around) These are hard, but really get the heart pumping.

Hope you all can understand what I mean in these, email me with any questions. If anyone teaches core board or intervals, I would LOVE some more ideas! Thanks for all the great stuff, keep it coming!

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From: Minnesota (USA)
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