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This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12863)

Hope you can understand this-lots of different ways to do those "old" exercises using the flex ball...


Laying with back on ball, you are supporting the body with only the head, neck, and shoulders. Feet are shoulder width apart. Glutes are lifted so that your core is in "table top" position. With a light to medium set of weights, you'll do "skull crushers". Elbows are bent to 90 degrees so that they are directly over your shoulders. Hands with weights in them are directly over the forehead (palms facing the ceiling). Keeping the shoulders stable and movement only coming from the elblows (triceps), you extend up 2 counts and back down 2 counts-ending the exercise at 90 degrees again.

*Requires stablilzation of lower body as well as upper body. Great tricep work out.

Glutes/low back

Laying with the belly on the ball, roll yourself out so that your hips are on the ball. Depending on your height, this may not be the appropriate position. Taller individuals will do fine here, shorter individuals may need to roll out a bit further. Bending your elbows, your legs will automatically pull up from the floor a bit. Keeping the feet together, raise the legs up from the ball 2 counts. Lower them down 2 counts. You can lower all the way to the floor for more advanced people. REMEMBER---this is a glute/low back exercise, so cue your participants to focus on those areas.

Hope you like them...

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