Some new ball sculpt ideas

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The ideas in this section are great and I think I have some ideas that haven't been presented yet, or at least I didn't find them. I love working with the ball for body sculpting.

Sunrise/Sunset (our club's balls are orange so this name seems appropriate): Lie supine (face up) on your mat with your ball between your feet and your legs straight up over your hips. Your arms are out to the sides for stability. Take the ball over to one side, almost to the floor, then back up over the hips and down over to the other side and up. About 8 times each direction and your class will be groaning.

Keeping the ball between the feet, take your arms down and tuck the hands under your hips to flatten and protect the back from arching. Lower the ball straight down and raise, slow and controlled. Beginners can keep the legs bent, more advanced people keep the legs straight.

To work inner thighs: Stand up and place ball between legs, off the floor. Squeezing the thighs together, walk around the room (this gets the class laughing). Periodically stop the class where they are and have them squeeze the ball with the legs 8 times.

To work the obliques: Take the ball to the wall and sit sideways on the ball with your hip being the pivot point. Brace your feet against the wall, lower leg in front. Take arms up to head and curl sideways over the ball and back up, repeat 16 times, switch sides.

To work the back: Keeping your feet braced against the wall, lie face down over the ball with your pelvis as your pivot point. Beginners can keep their hands on the ball, intermediate up by the ears, and advanced can extend their arms out. Keeping tummy tight, lower and raise. You can take these left and right angles, too, to target the outer areas of the lower back.

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