Annie's first for 2003

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12573)

Something to kick start the new year. Bits borrowed (thanks). Step is horizontal, right leg leads etc. Comments or ???s email me.

Routine is fairly simple but sweaty, and after my new year's celebrations I wonder, can a person actually sweat vodka...?

I - 32

II - 64

III - 32

IV - 16

Repeat other lead for 32

Option to split III and IV here***

V - 32


*Little hitch step - face left side of step, right foot on step, left leg curls behind as you go over the step, left leg ends up being the lead leg then at the back of the step for the next move. Be sure to lift the right foot before the left leg curls to avoid twisting the knee. Move is essentially a tapless over the top.

**Travel kick & walk back - step up & kick with left leg (1,2), step down and walk back (3-5), kick with right leg on the floor and walk back towards step (6-8).

***Splitting combos III and IV - Teach them first individually with repetition to keep heart rates up (not tapless). Then do III on right lead followed by IV to give them something to think about.

****Hitch Step - full 8 count version. See the notes for the little hitch above. The difference is there's 3 left leg curls instead of just the one that flick over each side of the step before you exit at the back. So first leg curl is at the back, the second back to the front and the third at the back of the step. Left leg does not touch the step at all. Keep the right foot on the step but lift it on each left curl.

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