Begged, Borrowed and Stolen

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12577)

This has many "borrowed" moves in it, along with my own twist. Bench is horizontal. Assume right lead--32 counts and self-reversing.
*****Explanations to follow

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

Now for the explanations......

* up right/left (1-2), lunge twice on right side (3-6), exit right and left (7-8)

** Thanks Paige for first and third block!! Up right and left like a regular turnstep (1-2), step down right (3), left knee up (4), right knee up (5-6), left knee up (7-8)...tapless

*** Over (1-2) left lead, right leg stays on top of step, quick squat (3-4) power over, quick squat (5-6), two hops (7-8)

**** Turn the repeater out and around to the other side of the step, you can also shuffle the repeater to add intensity

***** Three quick steps on top of step--will change lead

****** When you are doing the combo from the right lead, you will be mamboing with a left lead, to flow the combo to the left lead, mambo left foot to right corner. When doing combo from left lead, you will mambo with the right flow to next block, mambo to center of bench.

@ Step right on top, left knee up (1-2), step down left, right knee up (3-4), up, up right and left (5-6)--ending on top of step

@@ Turn straddle, turn and will end in straddle position ready for knees around the world

@@@ Also got from this site.......can't remember who, but THANKS!! Assuming right lead turn straddle (1-4), hop turn straddle (5-8), hop turn straddle (9-12), right turn and exit. You will be facing same direction as when you started the move, but on opposite side of bench.

This is my first submission, so please email me if anything is not clear. Hope someone uses it, and let me know what you think!! Thanks to all those who submit!!

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From: Alamogordo, New México (USA)
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